theatre project

all is going extremely well – so well it gets me suspicious! we even found additional sponsors and a long sought for dancer has now committed to the production.

Our amazons are so convincing and beautiful, I can understand the guys getting hungry eyes and having all sorts of heartache problems.

Penthesilea is so ravishing in her armour and in style… OMFG ! If only she was able to get her textbook right.

Our fairy has nerves as thin as spider strings and less resilient to stress, Louise was so in distress her tears left a dark spot on my jacket. But she is a very good fairy. A brilliant fairy.

Did I say all was going extremely well?

backstage some needed tap water and a cigarette break – difficult to not ruin the makeup while you wait for your rehearsal

ah yes, I have only three small roles, no text and can do a lot of shoots for ads and documentation but I must change costume four times – I am a background amazon, a silent plant and the falling star. Time for me to have another cigarette break -LOL